Firstly, I’d just like to say thanks so much for taking the time to visit our store. We are newly launched (April 2022), and your support really does mean the world to us.

By us, I mean me and my family. We are Mum – Sophie, Dad – John and our two little whirlwinds Dylan and Theadora.

I know this might sound typically cliché, but I feel like I was born to be a Mum. I’ve achieved some things, some may say are interesting before having my children…
I’ve played tennis at an elite standard (representing Great Britain from the age of 10), and in hand travelled the world and experienced lots of beautiful cultures. I’ve also delved into a television production career – winning an award for up-and-coming talent and my last production won a Bafta back in 2016.
But I must say, my biggest achievement in life is Motherhood.
Why We Are Here
My inspiration for D+D comes from the fairly recent (most incredible) life changing event of having children. Turning our world upside down daily are Dylan (3 years old) and Theadora (20 months). No one can ever prepare you for how challenging it can be at times, but we do believe there are ways to make life a little easier with youngsters. Over the last 3 years, I have personally found it hard to find the energy and time to go shopping, for the kids and myself. This is where my idea sparked for an online children's store... A go-to, for all things beautiful and practical! Not only for parents, but for friends & family wanting to build bonds and gift their little ones.
How We Do Things
At the heart of D+D, we believe babies and children should be nurtured in a natural and non-toxic environment. We pride ourselves on only housing brands with the same ethos and sustainable practises. This is non-negotiable at Dylan + Dora and not only does it give us the chance to create and pass on amazing stories between our children, but we know that this is a choice that will help promote the well-being of our natural environment.
Becoming a parent, really puts one's life values to the test... for the better that is. Suddenly you have this humongous responsibility for someone else's life, someone you love more than anything in this world. What our children are exposed to, is what kind of world we pass onto them. By starting here as parents, we can make the world a better place, through and for our children.
The Store
Here at Dylan + Dora we are curating beautiful and sustainable brands that we have used and continue to use on our own parenting journey and welcoming innovative design-led brands that reflect style and are essential to your baby and toddler first years.
Every purchase at Dylan + Dora, will be met with love, care and attention. 
Sophie and my gang x