Hevea | 2in1 Baby Glass Bottle with Star Ball Cover | Blue

By Hevea

Functionality, beauty, and safety are core values that HEVEA® upholds with all our products. The 2 in 1 Baby Glass Bottle with Star Ball Cover is an innovation that serves to protect the bottle from breakage when dropped, with this rubber covering, as the bottle bounces and is protected. The Star Ball cover is made of natural, upcycled rubber obtained from our manufacturing process (cutouts and leftovers). This is a pro-environmental creation method. The bottle also comes with a 100% natural rubber teat/nipple (size 0-3 months for milk & water), screw thread, and leak-proof dust cover. Additional rubber teats of slow flow and medium flow can also be purchased. This product complies with the safety standard EN 14350-1:2004 and US CPSIA.

Ideal for 0-3 months


100% pure, high quality, borosilicate glass

Smooth and nonporous surface

White screw cap and dust cover for rubber teas

Rubber teat

100% natural rubber

- Moulded in one-piece

- Suitable for regular neck bottles

- Cherry shaped

- Free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates

Star Ball Cover

- 100% natural upcycled rubber

- Beautiful star design

- Soft elastic build that bounces

- Detachable

- Properly calibrated (120ml/ 4oz capacity)

- Consists of one bottle, one rubber teat, one white screw cap, one star ball cover, and one dust cover


Safe and eco-friendly

Solid and durable

Suitable for milk and water use

Does not leach into constituents

Protects against external contaminants

Can be handed down to generations 

Do not retain odours or tastes

Rubber teats are resistant to bites and free of toxic substances

Star ball cover protects the bottle from breakage and improves grip

Star ball cover can be used for play when removed

Highly hygienic

Easy to use

Easy to clean and sterilize