HEVEA | Kawan Original Natural Rubber Duck Bath & Teething Toy


Your baby's formative years are very important and we put that to heart when designing our Kawan Rubberduck just for them. Made with 100% natural rubber, this beautiful piece of thoughtful work serves three functions; playing, teething, and bathing. As our first coloured toy, a lot of thought and work went into producing an eco-friendly companion for your child. Hand-painted to perfection with natural pigments, the colours help in the development of your baby's vision. Soft to touch and squeeze, they can also learn to master their grip. The beak and feet feature a patterned texture suitable for soothing itchy and irritated gums. 


100% natural rubber

Free of toxic substances like plastic, PVC, BPA, petroleum, and phthalates

Textured beak and feet

Lightweight, malleable and durable

A one-piece design, void of cracks and holes

Hand-painted with plant-based pigments

12cm tall


Plastic-free and biodegradable (compostable)

Great for playing, teething, and bathing

Perfectly safe

Helps develop your child's vision and grip

Easy to use

Easy to clean

Void of holes and cracks preventing bacteria and mould buildup

Durable and can be handed down to generations or given out

Can be put to decorative use