Hevea | Natural Rubber Orthodontic Dummy Moss Green 3-36M


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As green as it gets for a dummy, quite literally! Naturally soft and wonderfully fresh, our Moss Green dummy is every bit as environmentally conscious as is expected from us at HEVEA. Our natural rubber dummies are family favourites and have been since we began making them, with a seamless design that makes them easy to clean and hygienic. They come in both the round and orthodontic teat options, super soft to touch and gentle on your baby's face and lips. Soft enough to soothe, yet sturdy enough for the feistiest teether - A natural and safe option for little ones.

Help little ones settle without any unnecessary pressure on our planet 🌍


Made of 100% natural rubber

Coloured with FDA approved, natural pigments

Seamless design

Free of BPA, PVC, petroleum, and phthalates


Highly resistant to bites

Other colour options available


It is recommended that you change any pacifier/soother every 6-8 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.


Made of natural and compostable materials

Safe for your child

Easy to use

Easy to clean in hot water

Can be stored in the package when not in use

Makes a gorgeous little gift!